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Piano Magic - Closure

by Jeff Penczak Rating:9 Release Date:2017-01-20

They teased us with their last album (Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet), but this time they’ve officially announced that this, their twelfth, will be their final album after 20 years. As with Joy Division, the title of their final release emphatically clarifies any doubts. Opening Closure, the title track meanders along for nearly eleven minutes – a slow motion dream about the end of a relationship with the opening couplet, “Let’s get this thing sewn up/Let’s tie up loose ends”. Glen Johnson sings about separation and endings, and a dreamy arrangement augmented by sudden bursts of searing guitar and moaning/groaning vocal backing melts into a forlorn piano solo that fades off into eternity. As if to say, “Let’s get this over with straight away” so we can concentrate on the rest of the album’s songs, it’s a fitting farewell.

But wait, there’s more! ‘Landline’ is a sensual, sinewy salvo to a departed lover (“You used to call me on your landline/But now you are dust”), and ‘Exiled’ is a funky, Cohenesque shuffle with hints of New Order teasing us throughout. Continuing the none-too-subtle theme of separation and loss, ‘Let Me Introduce You” rues our spokesman (Johnson) introducing his girlfriend to his friend: “You’ll probably fall in love with him/And then you’ll disappear”.

A groovy, jazzy vibes solo lightens the load of the remorseful lyrics of ‘You Never Stop Loving (The One That You Love)’, while mournful strings, weeping brass, and Johnson’s confessional, despondent lyrics place ‘Attention To Life’ deep inside dirgy Tindersticks, The Cure or Joy Division territory. Ending with (perhaps) a nod towards their penultimate album’s title, ‘I Left You Twice, Not Once’ features yet another tantalising adieu, as Johnson confesses one last time: “I could not bear to say goodbye”. Violins follow our quartet into the sunset, as a lonely piano plays a magical coda to a brilliant album and an unforgettable career.

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Ace review! Had this album on quite a lot, so good! Little bits almost remind me of the Go-Betweens, fantastic songs

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Thanks, Andy. Shame it's the last we'll hear from them. but perhaps Glen will test the solo waters.

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