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Cairobi - Cairobi

by Jim Harris Rating:7 Release Date:2017-01-20

Cairobi is a cool new band based in London with four individuals that come from England, Mexico, Austria, and Italy.  While their vocalist sounds a little too much like the dude from Silversun Pickups (a bit of helium-induced strain to it) their music is a unique blend of electro-pop, stylized pop ballads (Ala MGMT), and a few hints of straightforward rock and roll.

I know they are hailed as a psych band but they don’t quite get there for me.  Their new album, Replace does hit some nice strides, especially on a couple of songs like ‘Zoraide’, which is a rich and memorable electro-pop song that showcases their potential, and ‘Saint’ that has a nifty guitar progression and is the heaviest tune on the album.

What is a true salvation and puts Cairobi in a category above most poppy electronic bands is a truly strong bass and drum underpinning.  This even saves a little too poppy song like ‘Step Aside.’

Ultimately, Cairobi is a fine new band with a nice collection of pop songs for the most part.  I lose them a bit with an airy, twinkly song like ‘Systems of Mutual Doubt.’  I’d like a few richer, heavier pieces like ‘Saint’ or ‘Zoraide’, but all in all, they have enough going for them with Replace to build an audience and keep us looking forward to their next effort.

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