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Errors - Come Down With Me

by Rich Morris Rating:9 Release Date:2010-03-01

Come Down with Me, Errors second album, appearing two years after their debut It's Not Something but It is Like Whateveris once again brought to you by fellow Glaswegians, Mogwai on their Rock Action imprint. Whereas both bands are averse to vocalists, Errors eschew the necessity of haemorrhaging the audience with their guitars usually pursued by their landlords, instead pushing them into the background as an accompaniment to their more rhythmic electronic grooves.

Opening track 'Bridge or Cloud', commences with an ode to M83, showering the listener with layers of electronic bliss before the song evolves into shades of playful electronica, reminiscent of Mum or Plone. The album then lifts into a higher gear with first single 'A Rumour in Africa', an aural delight, where rhythmic tribally guitars and keyboards are accompanied by a hypnotic shrieking sample over the top.

Sampling is fairly predominant on the album, which in some instances can be a major turnoff, but here it is dealt with care and precision, and is very welcoming.

There are significant changes in style with influences varying from the aforementioned M83/Mum, to Japan on the sublime 'Sorry About the Mess', and Neu and Stereolab on album closer and hypnotic highlight 'Beards'.

Dancefloors should also be troubled by the glorious 'Supertribe', already a live favourite, dominated by a simple bleeping rhythm, yet unlike that of kindred souls MGMT and Justice, it does not outstay its welcome in quickly becoming annoying.

The more melancholic and subdued tracks, such as 'The Erskine Bridge' and 'The Black Tent' also deliver, and where guitars are allowed to punch above their weight, such as on 'Beards' and 'Germany', Errors again prove their versatility.

The album is an absolute gem, stuffed full of influences and variety, and yet it sounds utterly original. Whereas their debut was effective but a little cold and mechanical, Come Down with Mehas far greater warmth and depth and is a delight from start to end.

Steve Rhodes

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