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Menace Beach - Lemon Memory

by Rob Taylor Rating:9 Release Date:2017-01-20

Menace Beach’s leaden but sentimental opening to the title track ‘Lemon Memory’ employs the same kind of decelerated mellatron sound used distinctively by Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse; heavy bass and drums keeping a basic backbeat, sounding programmed to measure. It’s a brave sound (also used on ‘Watch Me Boil’), one that is informed by both indie and the new wave, pop hooks flowing easily from the mouth of Ryan Needham. 

Menace Beach are in my view, one of the best and least pretentious outfits coming out of the U.K at present. Some albums just feel like a zenith in youthful creativity, bursting with ideas that come in a flood rather than a stream. That consequently cannot be perfect because a little bit of chaff passes through the golden grain. The occasionally hurried genius of art. Art that lasts only as long as the purple patch allows.  Lemon Memory feels like that for me.

A ten course degustation of small dishes over 37 minutes, each delectable and making the listener hungry for more. The album ranges from psych-rock, 90s boy/girl harmonising over simply but nourishing fuzz guitar. Spacey interludes that ascend not into jammy oblivion but segue effortlessly into pop. Wayward track ‘Can’t Get a Haircut’ gets all freaked out and flip-sided with simian yelping;  whereas final track, Hexbreaker II meanders beautifully through diaphanous themes of summer. All else sways with a gentle breeze, assuredly positive in intention and in mood, but concealing a sharp edge.  



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