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Brandon Can't Dance - Graveyard Of Good Times

by Nathan Fidler Rating:4 Release Date:2017-01-13

Yet another success story of self-releasing music on Bandcamp, Brandon Can’t Dance has been picked up for a full album release. Graveyard Of Good Times represents what is surely the step most ambitious musicians seek, and with sixteen tracks, Brandon Ayres is taking the opportunity by the balls.

‘Headspace’ opens the album as an amped up indie-electro number, while ‘Smoke & Drive Around’ pushes the electro side even more with a falsetto vocal effort. While the album is jam packed with tracks, thankfully not many make it over the three minute mark.

Even this doesn’t prevent the album from feeling flabby though. Trapped in a synth filled landscape, this album feels messy compared with the compact and melodic LXVE EP which came before. Often Brandon gets lost in trying to get his freak on but is confounded by his own methods, making songs like ‘So Deep, So Tortured, So Freak’ fall flat.

‘Fuck Off And We’ll Get Along’ is one example where it comes together, mixing swirls of warped snyth with a simple acoustic guitar line. Meanwhile, almost everything else feels like a drag, not because precision is the ultimate goal, but because the character of the songs is lacking.

Channeling a little Elliott Smith for ‘Freak of the Freaks’ is a wonderful acoustic ditty, showing there is something worth exploring here amongst the mish-mash of genres. Often though, it’s hard to know whether he’s lampooning artists of his ilk, claiming “so cool in my black denim jacket” on ‘Don’t You Want To’ or whether he's being entirely serious.

If you can make it through the entire album in a single sitting then kudos to you, but if you were sold on the slow, sticky and wonderfully melodic ‘Angelina’ then you’re in for something of a shock.

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