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David Bowie - No Plan EP

by Kevin Orton Rating:9 Release Date:2017-01-08

Like many a Bowie fan, I didn’t see the Off-Broadway production of Lazarus. Not that I couldn’t, I just wasn’t interested. I love Nicholas Roeg’s The Man Who Fell To Earth. I love the Walter Tevis novel. But even more so, I love David Bowie. And he wasn’t performing in it. Besides, who needs a sequel? So, I didn’t shell out for the cast album either because who wants to hear the guy from Dexter sing Bowie songs? Not me. I wanted to hear them from the source.  Now I can. The tracks on this little EP were originally tacked on to the cast album. No doubt, in order to enhance its sales.

At the very least, No Plan is a nice little coda to the final bow that was Blackstar. Taken in or out of context, the songs themselves are terrific.

 ‘Lazarus’ is an alt take from the one that graced Blackstar. Not as stirring but is an interesting mix. Frankly, I never tire of the song. This version a touch more reflective. ‘No Plan’ is an ironically titled ballad. Beautiful melody. Beautiful song. Accompanied by a sly video on youtube. “Newton Electric” is a nice touch for those that know the film and novel. ‘Killing Time’ is a dark, feisty number. “No warm embrace, just a lover’s grave”, Bowie growls theatrically. It sounds like it wandered off Blackstar to meet up with a few characters from Outside to put a hit out on someone. In the wake of the elegiac sentiment surrounding Bowie’s death last year, it’s great to hear him so pissed off and defiant. ‘When I Met You’, has a sense of mounting desperation and obsession that drives the EP home.

Overall, all the material here holds up to the caliber of Blackstar and The Next Day. The worst one can say about this little Ep is, it leaves you wanting more. Which isn't a bad thing.

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