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The Apples in Stereo - Science Faire

by D R Pautsch Rating:8 Release Date:2017-01-06

Lots of bands wear their clever credentials openly and with pride. Apples in Stereo are no exception. Their brand of sugary pop is nowhere near as smart as their lead singer Robert Schneider but it delivers a sweet punch when it's good. Schneider was one of the founders of the Elephant Six collective and he produced two of their greatest moments, Olivia Tremor Chord’s epic Music From The Unrealised Film : Dusk At The Cubist Castle (check out the ten tracks called Green Typewriters); as well as internet favourite In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel. Perhaps he has stopped his academic career, he has been studying a Phd and teaching Maths, to help NHM record that rumoured double album follow up.  On such throwaway comments internet theories are born.  Apples In Stereo are a different type of band though.  They are poppy and sunny and bright.  They haven’t released an album since 2010, their second on Elijah Wood’s label, and have been promising a very different album for their new release.  This is not that album.  This is a re-release, vinyl editions are very nice looking and two of the different versions are already sold out, in limited editions.  Released after their first album Science Faire was a compilation of early recordings and worked at bridging the gap between albums.  All based on EPs released between 1993 and 1995 this is a bit more than a collection of odds and ends.

Everything on here, except for Time for Bed/I Know I Will sits comfortably into less than four minutes, most less than three and that shows the MO here,  come in with jangly guitar and bright hooks, hit hard, and then finish.  The fact that Time for Bed is the weakest thing here shows you that when the bright and sunny numbers like Rocket Pad and Tidal Wave come in with their short and catchy melodies Apples are at their best.  As a snapshot of a band in its earliest formations this shows their slightly odd but endearing music was strong, but perhaps a bit throwaway, even at the start.  Later on they would reach further heights, New Magnetic Wonder is the standout but everything is well worth a listen.  Science Faire is a welcome reissue, but it is not as welcome as some new music, hopefully that’s a sign that these Apple’s are still ripe and juicy.




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