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The Ejector Seats - Take Off

by Rich Morris Rating:1 Release Date:2010-04-19

The 80s are alive and unwell and living in London. The Ejector Seats are a three-piece, who list many of their influences as the more cutting edge artists of the early 80s, but in reality are in homage to the rather more manufactured and dreary mid-to-late 80s acts that troubled the charts and plagued Top of The Pops each week.

Lead single, Happiness Don't Live with Me attempts to be sassy and strong "I'm gonna go out tonight to a disco on my own/ I'm gonna wear my best dress and take somebody home", but even the singer admits that this is a false front, and sadly this sums up this album.

While the band claim that they are "a mix of early 80s new romantic-esque electro sounds, clever punchy guitars and catchy pop songs combined with the powerful, melodic, sexy Kim Wilde-esque vocals", in reality faux electronica, bad guitars and a very bored and dull female vocal dominates the album. Very little effort has been made with the lyrics and there is little to distinguish between songs, with one bland song flowing into the next.

'Move in for the Kill' tries to attempt something different but ends up being a poor ape of Ladyhawke and after La Roux's use of the almost the same song title to a far better effect, it seems to be have been created as an afterthought in a focus group.

If this album is what we expect from the so-called 80s revival, then the revival needs to consider hovering over the self-destruct button, with a heavy hand and to press down hard.

In summary, bland and without any redeeming features - a shame!

Steve Rhodes

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