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Two Door Cinema Club - Tourist History

by Rich Morris Rating:3 Release Date:2010-03-01

How to make the most 2010 indie band sound possible? Well, you need to nick some perky, itchy Paul-Simon-at-CBGBs hi-life guitar lines from Vampire Weekend and Yeasayer, and some spiky, angular post-punk dynamics from… Well, anyone really. Throw a stone and you'll probably hit a band that sounds like this. Overlay that with some chirpy, yearning eunuch vocals, just like them out of Animal Collective do. Obviously, no self-respecting 2010 band is worth their Converse if they haven't got some synth sounds burbling away in the background, so make sure you remember to include this on every track even if it doesn't actually add anything to the quality of the music. Do you want Pitchfork to give your album a score of 9.78 recurring? Of course you do! But you also want cash, so make sure your producer polishes your scrabbly, bumble-arsed DIY noise into a shiny MOR product which could possibly end up on the next Twilight soundtrack. Now you're in business - you sound like every single indie rock trend currently going.

But wait, you're still not quite 2010 enough. Why? Well, what could be more 2010 then sticking the word 'club' on the end of your band name? It's the new 'definitive article plus one syllable verb or noun'. One day there will be a band called The Club, and on that day Steve Lamacq will implode, forming a black hole which will swallow the planet and every soul on it. Until that day comes, we have Two Door Cinema Club, whose debut album Tourist History sounds like everything you're already listening to except more so and not quite as good. Enjoy.

Richard Morris

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