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Tunng - ... And Then We Saw Land

by Will Kitson Rating:7 Release Date:2010-03-01

Tunng, an experimental folk group that over the past five years have gone from strength to strength, have taken another progressive step with their upcoming album, ... And Then We Saw Land. The band has managed to focus their direction in order to create a more agreeable sound without compromising their unique style.

The opening track, 'Hustle' immediately sets the tone, with a stylish crescendo, illustrating the band's electronica qualities, and then quickly breaks into some nifty, upbeat folk; a perfect example of how Tunng can masterfully intertwine the two genres.

Tracks like 'It Breaks', 'October' and 'These Winds' feature some remarkable melodies and carefully worked out harmonies. Unfortunately, the diehard Tunng fans may feel that the band are leaning slightly towards a more commercial route, particularly with the not so impressive tracks 'Don't Look Down Or Back' and 'The Roadside'. However, the album does offer solace elsewhere, for instance the instrumental tune 'By Dusk They Were in the City' shows off their high level of musicality in exceptional fashion.

Initially I wasn't too keen on ... And Then We Saw Land but it quickly worked its way onto my playlist, track by track, thanks to a bit of musical ingenuity, meticulous attention to detail and their self named Mega Chorus, which encapsulates the oomph that Tunng seemed to lack in their previous albums.

Will Kitson

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