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The Last Shadow Puppets - The Dream Synopsis EP

by Mark Steele Rating:7 Release Date:2016-12-02

There is not much that Alex Turner and Miles Kane of The Last Shadow Puppets leave unexplored musically. Here with the 6-track The Dream Synopsis EP, a one-day recording in New York whilst on a summer tour, sees their cinematic soundscape excursions continue to place them in a parallel yet distinctive realm alongside artists such as Richard Ashcroft and The Coral.  They accomplish this well, a challenge to the senses and a homegrown wit which delivers a truly tangible organic product.

The EP gets things going with two album tracks and four covers, with 'Aviation' a somewhat wintery appropriate piece which employs a suspense-gripping combo of icy guitar, pumping bass and motorik guitars. As the strings begin a traverse across the track, Alex and Miles' warmed vocals glide over easy with some sweet female additional harmonies. This easily continues the innate formula heard in their earlier works.

The R&B workout following initial laughter could have you imagining the vocals on Jaques Dutronc's 'Les Cactus' as a revived Tommy James of The Shondells, breaking out all Parisian soul style. The ready to go to it reverbed vocals, coupled with the James Brown rhythm section, slinky guitar stabs, with a stealthy insertion of strings, make this track want to move these feet. The roller coaster rampage of The Fall's 'Totally Wired' is a real freak-out frenzy on all accounts. The voluminous vortex of relentless bass/drums and a rattling guitar assault, wrap unforgiving around the psychotic belt-out echo vocals, particularly the words haunting and menacing are just touching the surface.

After a few seconds respite it is back on the contagion corkscrew, with the pummeling smackdown of The Glaxo Babies 'This Is Your Life', bounding bass/drums and guitars shunts you along, with a Drum and Bass tempo, kicking and screaming along the inside walls of this chaotic tunnel. The 60s orchestral pop love-hate ballad with a twist and leering sarcasm, features on the timely late Leonard Cohen cover 'Is This What You Wanted?'. Layered with electric piano comps, shimmering guitars, stirring strings, crisp drums, and functional bass.

The EP ends with a crooning slick post-slumber account on 'The Dream Synopsis' , to a girlfriend that may or not care about the intricacies of the events entailed, even to mention huge gusts of wind causing havoc within Sheffield's city centre.

The Dream Synopsis is a nice round-off to a very interesting and tumultuous year in popular music. The Last Shadow Puppets should be one of those bands to have an opportunity to feature on film soundtracks, as to this writer having not reviewed them previously, feels that their sound seems tailor-made for the big screen. Let us hope it is sooner, rather than later.

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