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You Blew It! - Abendrot

by Nathan Fidler Rating:6 Release Date:2016-11-11

The trouble with trying to define music through a particular genre or scene is that it still exists long after you think it burned out (or at least you stopped listening). This is true of the emo-punk movement, with most of the stalwarts either retired or going on to other things, but there are still a few still trying in earnest to replicate the success. You Blew It! formed back in 2009 and must probably feel like they missed the boat, hence their much more considered album Aberndrot.

Of course, often the only way for the more energetic bands in this cluster to progress is to try and emulate the success of the bigger bands. You Blew It! appear to be trying the route Brand New took, applying softer chords and picking to their lyrics of dour devastation. “My past has no future” from ‘Forecasting’ is the type of fare you can expect.

Lead vocals are often mimicked by a pop-punk backing vocal, and the songs typically don’t open up the way the band must have hoped. ‘Authotheology’ is probably the sweet spot of the album, so clearly aiming for that weird niche of cocky-but-still-self-deprecating left by Jesse Lacey.

The guitars barely register into any sort of memorable ruckus, going for beauty over brawn and generally missing both. ‘Minorwye’ however, manages a more ominous feeling, reminiscent of Manchester Orchestra’s tense, slow build approach. 

It feels good to listen to this album and then reminisce about all the great bands around in the noughties, but that simply shows that this album doesn’t have the same strength. Releasing this album in that decade might have put them amongst the main contenders, but there just isn’t enough grandeur, poetry or intelligence. There is plenty to be hopeful for, things just need to shift up a gear or really go off-road next time around.

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