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Justice - Woman

by D R Pautsch Rating:7 Release Date:2016-11-18

Justice are often called France's second best Dance duo.  This is a tag which would damn them faint praise with any other duo in their ascendancy that wasn't Daft Punk.  However, the comparisons and parallels are often misjudged or lazy.  On their third album the evolution of their sound continues and their move from prog influences to disco is both natural and perhaps a little too obvious.  The funk on display here come with enough swagger and weight that this feels like a 70's drenched update of Disco that is both of this time and that.  It's overblown, unsubtle and gloriously infectious at times.  

Heavy Metal starts with a mock tudor opening that becomes glam, kitsch and so over the top uncool it actually is cool.  The closest thing you may have heard to this is Beethoven discovering the electric organ in the original Bill & Ted film.  Yes it's that daft.  Safe and Sound is the slow burning opener that crashes around with abandon and is the natural bridge between this and their last effort, it fizzles away merrily in your ears long after the last note has gone.  Alakazam is the joyful coming together of 70's instrumental disco and modern electronics.  It's heady and altogether groovy.

Not everything works though.  Closing number Close Call and its predecessor Love S.O.S are almost soporific in comparison to earlier numbers and this is yet another album that starts out strongly and yet fades during its duration.  It also is a little in the shadow of the two earlier efforts.  However, there is enough here that those minor rubs don't take off the glorious fun that is Woman by Justice. 



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