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Animal House - Sorry EP

by Steve Ricciutti Rating:4 Release Date:2016-11-18

Australian fuzz pop act Animal House brings all the toga party fun to bear on this five track EP Sorry, but like countless acts that compete with beer bongs, moldy basements, and drunken college kids while playing frat parties, their music does little to distinguish them from the pack.

Video single “Domino” is the best number; a pogoing-drunk bit of ear candy, sounding like an ADHD update of “Down at Palisades Park.” Chugging guitars, a chorus of “Oh shit, yeah!” trilling riffs, and a metronome-on-speed drumbeat, “Domino” is as addictive as it is generic. “English Girls” continues the fun if indistinguishable party, as does “Heavy.” The last two songs are also the weakest. “Lemon and Lime” suffers from silly lyrics and “Tequila,” not a cover of the infamous song as much as ridiculous tongue-in-cheek satire, simply fails. I wanted to laugh along with them but I couldn’t get over how puerile it felt. As the final song on a five set, it wasn’t the best way to close things out.

Animal House has an early 1960’s vibe, kind of like Weezer; short, fuzzy, nasally, twangy, snarky, chorus-rich, good time pop-rock. There’s nothing wrong with this approach as long as the listener keeps their expectations in check.

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