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Conrad Schnitzler / Schneider TM - Con-struct

by Rob Taylor Rating:9 Release Date:2016-11-18

Former member of Tangerine Dream and Kluster, Conrad Schnitzler amassed a sizeable archive of sounds during his lifetime, and from that estimable vat of primary sound, the Con-Struct series seeks to distil a characteristic sound picture, not by way of remix projects, but rather new compositions which honour Schnitzler’s original ideas. 

On this iteration of Con-Struct, Schneider TM (Dirk Dresselhaus) is our host. The last was Pyrolator in 2015.

Schneider TM’s self-imposed mission was to capture the spirit of Schnitzler’s music by presenting a unified sound, as if he and Schnitzler were collaborating together in a live setting. He was intent on not emasculating the uncompromising fierceness of Schnitzler’s music, but preserving its essential core, with Schneider TM dubbing and processing it live.

The centrepiece “Wurmloch” is a multi-tentacled beast of electronic music. Its unremittingly grim, even brutal austerity might, over the course of 23 minutes, be a little too daunting for the casual listener. The sounds are not harsh atonalism as such, but the mood is oppressive, frightening even. It’s a masterpiece of industrial ambience, one where the anti-utopian sentiment is suffocating, but the music nonetheless retains compositional excitement, because of the complicated polyrhythms, cold-hearted beat machinery, and varied and interesting themes. 

It’s only “Wurmloch” and “Wie Geht Die” that are so harsh and uncompromising. Earlier tracks like ‘Doozer” and “Dabb” are more humourous, the muted rumblings of the former interrupted by counter-intuitive space-age sounds. The latter, warm currents of sound subverted by clanging metal.

It’s as if Schneider TM is created events out of Schnitzler’s music, some highlighting his mirth, and others his darker side; but always emphasising his unbridled creativity and wonderful sense of rhythm. 

A must for fans of experimental electronica. 


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