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Feral Ohms - Live in San Francisco

by Rob Taylor Rating:9 Release Date:2016-11-11

With truncheoning guitars instead of stone weapons, neoliths Feral Ohms bypass musical revelation, and bludgeon their way through a blistering hard rock/punk set with face melting intensity. 18 minutes of sustained aural disturbance. 

A live sound so immense, it can’t be described, only experienced. Here ‘Early Man’ tells you all you need to know about the anthropological roots of punk, and ‘Teenage God Born To Die’ is a triumph of testosterone over intellect, with a disingenuous title to match.  Hail that. 

Other tracks like ‘Love Damage’, ‘Super Ape’ and ‘The Glow’ are exocet missiles, trained menacingly on the audience, and deployed with little regard to collateral damage.  

Ethan Miller, Chris Johnson and Josh Haynes are described as ‘scuzzy, primitive and outcast’ in their hyperbolic product description, but the truth is, you can add cataclysmic, scorching and positively hairy to that description. 

An acid grenade to the face of contemporary hard rock.   


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