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Broken Hands - Turbulence

by Nathan Fidler Rating:5 Release Date:2016-10-21

British rock hasn’t been as popular as this for quite some time, with low and heavy guitars getting a dusting down after being locked away for a while. Broken Hands appear to be the latest to take that sound, infusing it with a bit of good old Brit-rock, delivering up their debut album Turbulence.

There is a distinctive theme across the Canterbury band’s first album, one which takes them on something of a space-rock journey. Songs like ‘Meteor’ and ‘Turbulence’ drive on those low-end riffs, describing otherworldly experiences, meanwhile, the not-quite-of-this-world intro for ‘747’ gives an interesting twist on a normal airplane journey; “Slowly, this flight is crashing”.

It’s made all the more distinctive through British vocals, sounding like Kasabian at their strangest. It’s little wonder that they’ve been thrown in as support for some slightly moodier, less indie bands however, because this is a slow burning album.

Despite all the sounds alluding to space flight, songs don’t really lift off in the way you might expect. ‘Four’ pulses with a deep riff at it's heart, but few songs on this album have that twinge of something transcendent, something which hooks you in to listen over and over again, things sound like more like a journey up the M1 than out in the solar system.

Given that this album was out last year in the UK, the release in the US might go a little better. We’ve had some stonking British rock albums lately, but sadly there isn’t enough quirk to this kind of music to make it a loveable classic - lyrics are repetitive, riffs one dimensional and drums pretty straight forward throughout.

It’s certainly an interesting listen the first time around, but you can’t dance to it, you can’t throw your head around and you can’t zone out into a personal trip.

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