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Savoy Motel - Savoy Motel

by Jim Harris Rating:10 Release Date:2016-10-28

What could be a better band to tour with the Dandy Warhols than a hip cool psych throwback band named Savoy Motel?  Yes, they look like some motley group of blanket huggers on a bluff at Woodstock but what crazy fun music.

I had the pleasure of first seeing and hearing this band at Delmar Hall in St. Louis recently when they opened for the Dandies and from the opening song on, Savoy Motel had the crowd and all who happened to wander in captivated, clapping, and dancing along.

Savoy Motel are from Nashville but their music is possessed with late 60s, early 70s metal funk glory, a little bit Hendrix, a lot of Sly and the family, and just seemingly drugged out up tempo droning dance music. No, they can’t sing, either male or female leads, but that just adds to it all.

With the hippy attractive Mimi Galbierz, in short skirt and hip dance struts strumming hard on her guitar in between the long-haired psych guitarist and Brady Bunch looking bassist fronting the raven-haired hipster cute drummer, this band defines garage funky cool like no one I’ve heard in a very long time.

And the music is good too.  It has a sort of phantasmagoric tightness wound into funky cheap beats but the acid guitar of Dillan Watson weaves through the chugging dance simplicity almost ingeniously. Even the overly ambitious 9-minute opus of weirdness song, ‘International Language’ has a certain charm to it.  (This isn’t an homage to the Pete’s International Airport, is it?)

Regardless, don’t miss out on Savoy Motel.  One of the best albums released this year.

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Great review Jim ! So those were the support guys. I'm liking this one too, right down to the Trammps-era inspired artwork.

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