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Honeyblood - Babes Never Die

by Steve Ricciutti Rating:7 Release Date:2016-11-04

Honeyblood’s latest Babes Never Die is a sweet little treat, a melodic blast of riot grrrl garage pop that is as addictive as donuts, an even dozen of them. This Scottish two-piece of Stina Tweeddale and Cat Myers impress all the more because of how much they squeeze out of their spare numbers. A two-piece hasn’t made such an impression on me since Meg and Jack.

Things are largely rocking from the outset with the anthem title track and the grungy Sabbath-meets-Belly “Ready for the Magic” providing a strong opening combo. The pacing is smart as well, given “Love is a Disease,” a slow simmer of rage that has an awesome chorus. “Cruel” is quite simply a lovely little ballad and “Walking At Midnight” has an ethereal aura which encompass Stina’s bright, smooth pipes. “Justine, Misery Queen” is a snarky pop nugget “Sister Wolf” chugs along smoothly, and “Gangs” brings this album to a fuzzy close with a tasty bit of guitar riffing.

The band sought a live feel and they got it from producer Peter Katis, a wise choice that gives theses songs a resolute force. In the riot grrl rave up “Sea Hearts,” Stina shrugs, “We don’t give a fuck.” Rarely does that kind of free approach sound this good.

Final verdict; this is a solid album that impresses from the first full song (there is an intro and an outro which seem a bit out of place). In a great musical year for women, these ladies keep the highlights coming.

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