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TOY - Clear Shot

by D R Pautsch Rating:6 Release Date:2016-10-28

Pysch rock merchants reach their third album on the crest of a critical wave.  Two well received albums, one of which even had a remix album released, have set the expectations high.

The issue is that sales haven't been as high. The choices are to change tack or double down and build on the wave. Clear Shot is somewhere inbetween and it sounds like an indie haunted house at times. Fast Silver is like a droning update of The Specials' Ghost Town given an indie treatment. They have been accused of droning too much and what is encouraging on Clear Shot is their ability to change the pace to set the pulse racing. Title track A Clear Shot is a perfect example of that, the jangle of guitar chimes is with a monotony that increases until midway when from nowhere a building riff comes through and pitches the whole song to a new and intoxicating level.  

There are great moments like that on this album, but the humdrum moments slow the momentum and dull the senses.  Spirits Don't Lie just doesn't work.  It's an almost by the numbers approach.  Closing track Cinema just starts slowly and goes nowhere.  The whole piece feels like Toy of old with a shot of adrenaline at times and a bucket of cold water at others.  

It's dark and brooding like the previous efforts but it just doesn't hold together enough to shoot through and live up to the previous two albums.

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