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Sleaford Mods - TCR

by Rob Jones Rating:7 Release Date:2016-10-28

TCR is a 5 track EP which is likely to retain the faithful and not attract many outside the loop. TCR has been named in honour of Total Control Racing (a sought after 80's Scalextric-style toy racing car game) although the lyrics veer away from that topic.

The Band retain a formula that has served them well and the Jason Williamson's vocals fire out like the never ending supply of a Bruce Willis gun in Die Hard!

Sleaford Mods come across like a steroid enthused Mike Skinner. Harder edged and faster paced than the aforementioned chart topper, Sleaford Mods brush their scything teeth with sandpaper and bathe their bruised bodies in strychnine! One can therefore sense the vitriol of Mark E. Smith in the diatribe!

TCR is The Contemporary Rap in a post-punk style! If Shane Meadows offers a movie insight into the everyday stories of a Nottingham narrative, then Sleaford Mods can provide a soundtrack.

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