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Various Artists - Lazarus: Original Cast Recording

by paul_guyet Rating:7 Release Date:2016-10-21

For a lot of people, this is going to be "singers who aren't Bowie singing a whole mess of Bowie's songs, mostly from The Next Day". And...yes, that is exactly what this is, but there are a few amazing performances here along with the reason 95% of you are buying this: for the remainder of .

I'm not going to review the show, which I saw two days before Bowie's passing. Separated from the stage show, here's the bottom line: Cristin Milioti and Sophia Anne Caruso are staggeringly talented singers (the latter a staggeringly talented Broadway singer, the former in an unqualified sense; she's legitimately fantastic. Her vitriol on “Changes" is startling), Michael C. Hall is either someone whose voice you’ll love or hate, and the rest are good in that slick Broadway vocal style. And, while all of them are mostly able to do justice to the source material, at the heart of this, no Bowie cover is ever going to be better than Bowie, especially not now*. That being said, some stand outs from the cast include Milioti's "Changes" and "Always Crashing", "All The Young Dudes", and "Heroes". As far as the three new Bowie tracks, I'll need to listen to them a few dozen more times to fully wrap myself around the idea that this is the last, new music from David Bowie ever. I will confess, however, to having chills throughout "Killing A Little Time".

At very best, this is a passable tribute to the memory of a music god, at absolute worst, it's Dexter & the Cast of Glee Do David Bowie On Broadway! But that's not why most of you are here, so: buy the original cast recording of Lazarus, listen to the last three tracks, cry, then listen to the first twenty tracks, then the last three a bunch more times, then cry some more.

* Although, to be completely honest, this is the first version of "This Is Not America" that I haven't hated. Something about the original chord progression and vocal arrangement just rubs me the wrong way.

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