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The Pop Group - Honeymoon On Mars

by Rob Jones Rating:9 Release Date:2016-10-28

The Pop Group do exactly the opposite of what their name suggests. Under the tutelage of Mark Stewart this is the antithesis of the mainstream. Skewed rhythms, scything guitar, random beats, twisted dub, apocalyptic electro, fragmented rock and demonic dance all land in the genre defying land of the anti-commercial. This post punk path to culture clash is way out on the peripheries as each song can throw together more ideas than some acts will score in their careers. The addition of a production team that is speaheaded by dub titan Dennis Bovell (who was at the controls for the band's seminal debut album Y) and Public Enemy associate Hank Shocklee has the band share their autonomy from a distance that sees the traditional musical box floating in another sphere. 

The Pop Group have confounded critics and nullified norms for many a year and the Stewart stamp on the goods means you should expect the unexpected. Meanwhile, visceral vocals display a powerful passion that comes with its fair share of social comment. Our ant-hero barks 'help me please I'm going on a different journey' and across several decades he continues to take trips to fresh arenas of aural adventure.

One can contemplate where The Prodigy came from when an analysis of The Pop Group is undertaken but Bristolian brethren such as Massive Attack and Tricky have certainly amalgamated elements of The Pop Group manifesto within their deliveries.

Many moons ago the band anthem We are all Prostitutes took the alternative scene on another ride and in 2016 there is still the option to enter unchartered territories. Mark makes his mark and states that this work ' is a stand against manufactured hate, a hypersonic journey into a dystopian future full of alien encounters and sci-fi lullabies.' Therefore, instead of taking your post marital joy on an earthly excursion why not join The Pop Group for their Honeymoon on Mars album extravavaganza.

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