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Prins Thomas - Principe Del Norte Remixed

by Rob Taylor Rating:6 Release Date:2016-10-14

For Principe Del Norte Remixed, Prins Thomas chose a broad spectrum of producers he admired, and invited them to remix the album he released earlier this year. 

Principe Del Norte was a double disc / 4 LP set of tracks each represented by a letter A through to H. On PDN Remixed, included are original versions of I, j and k exclusive to this remix album, as well as various remixed versions of A, B, C, D and H. 

The original ‘H’ was 13 minutes of twitchy brilliance, expectant of much and delivering impressive variations at carefully laid out junctures. With a substratum of gentle lulling synths, the front stage was dark, hyper-aware and swarming with great ideas, each component adding depth and propelling the track forward to a buzzing pulse. The Orb, in their two remixes of ‘H’, emphasise on the one hand, its spooky undercurrent (The Orb Orbient Mix), and on the other hand, its sharp percussion informing each turn of event (The Orb Heaven or Hell Remix). The latter shares the same propulsion as the original but it rumbles more frenetically. Both remixes are excellent.

Ice Cube’s reworking of ‘C’ is more tribal than the original, and borrows its bounce from hip-hop’s long experience of integrated funk. Young Marco’s version of ‘C’ is less successful, taking a minimalist techno approach, and at times sounding like a keyed-up Vangelis. Also, a bit repetitive. Ricardo Villalobos’s two versions of ‘C’ are dull, but Prins Thomas’s own ‘Diskomics’ version of ‘C’ presents a bit of fun 80s drum machine mischief. 

Dungen’s mix of ‘D’ is distinctive. The use of woodwinds in particular is a revelation, a nice change from the purist electronics of the original. Dungen’s ‘D’ is also more ominous, and mischievously goads the listener with a brief transition to rock before time runs short on the prank. 

Sun Araw’s remix of ‘B’ is supernatural krautrock , the motion akin to travelling an empty motorway at night, the lights all blending into a singular shape; each musical phrase an abrupt reawakening from momentary somnambulant lapses. Sun Araw really make ‘B’ their own with this stunning piece of modern classicism.

So, The Orb, Dungen and Sun Araw in particular really distinguish themselves, but overall it’s a bit of a slog.



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