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Purling Hiss - High Bias

by Jim Harris Rating:8 Release Date:2016-10-14

Purling Hiss and their new album High Bias, caused me to have a flashback to the late 80s when alternative metal was based around heavy rock and roll structures, speeded and amplified up, and delivered with crazy energy.  Think Husker Du and Jane’s Addiction, throw in some post-punk sass and verve, and this album by this Philadelphia band needs to be played loud and often.

Every track is a loud, raucous well-constructed mess of guitar noise.  At times, with tracks like ‘3000 AD’ and ‘Pulsations’ the music is frenetic and loud and the vocals conjured up the sort of punk edginess that John Lydon brought to the more structured PIL songs back in the day.  Not quite as edgy as the great now 60 year old Johnny Rotten, but still just as entertaining.

And taken as a whole, Purling Hiss is a band getting progressively tighter and cohesive in their sound.  They have appeared to go in several directions over the years, but the alternative metal of High Bias and the energy they bring to each song, is well worth listening to.  As they are a 3-piece, it’s rather remarkable what sheer volume and creativity they generate with layers of fuzz heavy bass and drum and excellent guitar work, as they lay a foundation of solid rock and roll. For fans of Dinosaur Jr.

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