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Racing Heart - What Comes After

by D R Pautsch Rating:7 Release Date:2016-09-16

Sometimes you have to just let go.  Let go of your prejudices, let go of your innate desire to be critical, let go of your feeling of frustration and just sit back and enjoy.  Listening to Racing Heart's latest album its a bit like that.  The simple reason is that its a frustrating, annoying and enchanting listen that despite its flaws has you in its thrall.

Let's pick apart the first track on offer to try and show the dichotomy of this album.  Flogging A Dead Horse starts off with a simple drum pattern and it takes thirty seconds for the first line to be uttered in its slow and pondering delivery.  That line is a simple one - 'Have you seen the writing on the boardroom wall.'  At this point you are stupified, who the hell sings about boardrooms?  Why the hell does it take so long to say so little.  Whats the point? And then the electronics enter and build until it sounds like an 8 bit Mario game gone slightly bonkers.  In short it gets very good, then slowly it returns and builds.  And that is this album in a nutshell.  Lyrically slightly ambitious and off beat, musically ambitious and varied and somewhere quite coherent, enjoyable and enchanting.  Add this the odd appearance here and there of Jenny Hval and you have something that delivers quite a bit of its promise.  Yes, its social consciousness can be a little wearing and perhaps it would be better without that,  Yes it might be a little too mature for its own good and could do with the odd moment of fun.  But the po-faced approach here is one which works despite your misgivings, if you let it.

What Comes After is sparse, modern, ambitious pop done well.  It's socially conscious music that frustrates with its seriousness. It's an album that is as good as it is annoying.  So if you just park your misgivings at the door and listen without those nagging doubts you might just find a little gem here. 

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