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Hiva Oa - mk2 (part 1) EP

by D R Pautsch Rating:8 Release Date:2016-09-23

Announcing itself with a fuzzed up drum that sounds like it could be coming from a big top, this EP from Hiva Oa (named after an Island in French Polynesia despite being a Scottish 3 piece) is immense, ambitious and varied enough to grab your attention and wring it dry over its four tracks. 

Seskinore sounds like Radiohead in In Rainbows mode.  The keening high pitched voice, electronically simple start and slow build into noise is so reminiscent of Raindrops for example that it might be its long lost cousin.  Christine is another great slow building track that's built upon a fuzzed up keyboard and theatrics.  Its slow, unsettling and thrilling in its set-up and execution.  Jonny Brazil is a bit more straightforward in that uses traditional rock sensibilities of guitar and electronics to sound almost like a Peter Gabriel number, except that it sounds nothing like that and sounds like itself.

All four tracks here are intriguing, memorable and just left-field enough that you are surprised by them and thrilled at the same time.  Perhaps they are a little bit in awe of Thom Yorke and co and perhaps this distracts from the whole thing, however, get over that and you have a promising and rewarding listen that will leave you wanting to hear the full album that will hopefully follow.

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