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Nudity - Is God's Creation

by Sean Hewson Rating:8 Release Date:2016-09-30

Is God's Creation is a double album of Nudity's recordings between 2005 and 2010. Nudity were a kind of 21st Century version of the Ladbroke Grove scene of the 70s - part Hawkwind sonic attack, part post-MC5 proto-punk and part Quintessence exotica.

Now I'm Resting storms in on one chord, has two guitar solos and an extended You Made Me Realise section. It's slightly incompetent and has a one-take feel to it that adds to the high-energy, psychedelic freak-out. This Man is more of a two-chord Hawkwind groove with lots of wah-wah and sax. They crack out the flute on Moon Druids for a Quintessence-like verse that is then destroyed by some ripping Detroit guitar. The track is under three minutes long and is insane.

We now move onto the first of the longer tracks with the 10 minute exploration that is Birdsong. It starts with a sitar drone that is joined by feedback and electronic noise before a Tomorrow Never Knows beat kicks in along with some single-string lead guitar and they never come back to earth. Hurry On Sundown might seem like an obvious cover and it is pretty faithful to the original but they have added some Spacemen 3/Hookworms tremolo to it. It also has a spirited, one-take feel to it - some of the vocal harmonies are clearly being tried out for the first time.

Elevate In Rotation makes use of the Stooges power-chord and is another short stormer before a burst of feedback introduces another big fella - Rubicon. By this stage Nudity have reached a level of competency in their playing and arrangements. Instruments drop in and out and they are unafraid to let the momentum drop. There may have also been an equipment upgrade as the solo before the vocal comes in sounds huge. The vocal tune itself is the verse from In Bloom by Nirvana. The Nightfeeders starts with a Motorik feel to the drums and bass and a wonderfully repetitive rhythm guitar part that everything weaves around. It's Motorik but it's also good, scruffy fun for 10 minutes and you're never that far from a slightly unhinged solo.

The penultimate track, Make-Up, is a Flower Travellin' Band cover. I haven't heard the original but I will be checking it out pretty soon. The track is crazy, it starts off like Focus and then goes mental. It's a fine example of how to maintain the energy level over the course of a long track. They are basically going all out for the duration. At one point they go back to bass and drums and then build it back up until it's more ferocious than it was before. They crack out the sitar and flute again as Le Premier Voyage De Capitaine slowly unfolds over 21 minutes. The drums come in after about nine minutes and it builds and builds before dropping back to flute and feedback and then finishing on a thunderous chord. It's only when the clapping appears at the end that you realise it's all live.

Is God's Creation charts Nudity's progression from spirited, psychedelic punks to a more exploratory freak-out operation. Both sides of the band are great. When they lack ability they make up for it in attitude and when they have ability it's still new and exciting enough not to lapse into complacency. The thrill and enjoyment of creation always shines through.


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