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Golden Bear - Dimensional Place

by Mark Steele Rating:8 Release Date:2016-09-30

An intense and long five years has lapsed between their last album Alive in 2011 and a questioned comeback album Dimensional Place. What has happened to Austin's Golden Bear in order to prompt the new recording and can we expect any changes on the new 8-track package.

There is a an almost topical symbolism evident on the album artwork, a sort of cosmic birth or maybe even re-birth is depicted as an infant contained within a circular womb within space. It is almost a message in that universe itself has conceived offspring out of its own vast expansive essence. A seemingly celestial essence that Golden Bear may seem to tap into as gifted songwriters.

Delayed synth, inserting a fat bass and drum groove on recording initiator 'Let My Love Come Down', flexes sweet funky guitar licks, tight synth flourishes, plus smooth vocals to bring a welcome groove.  Muted chugging overdriven guitar infused with interspersing some retro arcade machine sounds, give 'Spells' a real authentic 80s teen-movie soundtrack vibe.

Scissor Sisters style intro vocals, whilst strutting things up a Funkadelic-like touch on 'Telephone',  accompanied by groove soaked bass and drums, finished off with slick synths amd crisp and crunchy guitar. Dreamy feeling via the delayed guitars and smooth-roast electric piano on 'Whole Nuthr Level' and 'Difficult' deliver authentic bright 70s Pop-R&B endearment. The more melancholic and even haunting mood of 'Big City Magic', is late night jam over a dusky city skyline, with a Martini in hand maybe.

Refined early 80's disco pop with a smile keeps 'Over & Over' should fondly stay in your mind, and to top off the album like that feeling after a great night out, 'Heartdancer' keeps things warm.

It could be said that Dimensional Place puts Golden Bear in a good position to produce a further few great albums, if they are anything like this one. Catchy hooks, smooth harmonies, neat musicianship with enough room to experiment - a good comeback guys.

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