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Regina Spektor - Remember Us to Life

by Jim Harris Rating:8 Release Date:2016-09-30

The Russian born, American artist Regina Spektor rose to fame on the strength of her album ‘Begin to Hope’ in 2006 that had the hit single ‘Fidelity’ on it. She’s been on the upward side of the musical scene since with soundtracks and television appearances and her whimsical, minimal sketches that comprise much of her lyrics combined with her voice have done her well.

But that voice. I was not a big convert of her breezy pop delivery until I saw her in concert some years ago. Her voice is magical. Her piano playing is also magical and often exquisite in delivery in concert.

But voice and piano hasn’t always been the strongest element of her previous albums. Far, with its multiple different producers including Jeff Lynne (Really?), lost itself in over-production that truly diluted her strengths in alien pop song structures. Then Spektor had a return to form on her whimsical, made of television commercials delivery of the mostly light and breezy What We Saw from the Cheap Seats. But now?

No more opening for Keane anymore. Regina Spektor has arrived with Remember Us to Life, which is her most mature and comfortable in her own skin album.

For the most part, it is she and her piano, which she classically studied as a wee tot in Russia before they came over to America when she was nine.

And it all works as the songs are minimal and brilliant at times and it shows her comfortable going from a neo-hip hop MIA song like ‘Small Bill$’ to a darker character-driven story song like ‘The Trapper and the Furrier.’

Regina Spektor has come into her own with this album. The structure of the opening track and single, ‘Bleeding Heart’ has her with some classical inclinations that build to a crescendo and the beautiful ‘Grand Hotel’ is a strong example of the maturity of her character-driven lyrics as well. A very strong effort top to bottom.


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I was invited to see her last year but politely said no. Maybe I was being rash because, you know, you and I are the barometer for taste ! Bloody big cruise ship blocked my view of the Sydney Opera House Jim, I want my room rate reviewed !!!!

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Ha. Love those pics though. Boat or not.

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I cut my teeth on Soviet Kitsch, and I'm not sure anything she's done since can have the impact of "Us". There's a delicacy and fragility in that song that still gives me the chills. Looking forward to digging into this one though.

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She does a perfect title track for Orange Is The New Black. Good example of her vocal prowess.

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