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Autolux - Live at Third Man Records

by James Weiskittel Rating:9 Release Date:2016-10-10

Autolux are simply awesome.  While many fans still think of the project as Greg Edward’s ‘other band’ (though I would contend that the last Failure release could have used a bit more Edwards eclectic touch), the fact remains that Autolux are one of the past decade’s most adventurous acts.  Part electronica, part post-punk; Autolux has done an impressive job of carving their own niche in the ever-crowded indie-rock waters over the course of their three studio albums.

And as is the case with most artists who tend to utilize the studio as an instrument unto itself, Autolux the live act is a very different beast than its recorded counterpart.  And while results can sometimes be mixed when heavily processed songs are translated to a live setting, in the case of Autolux, it’s an absolute plus.

Recorded ‘direct-to-acetate on Third Man Records' 1955 Scully lathe’ back in March in front of an appreciative audience at Third Man Records in Nashville, Autolux pulled out all the stops while running through impressively fresh interpretations of tracks from all three of their stellar studio albums including the PUSSY’S DEAD gems “Soft Scene” and “Anonymous”.   

For a band that has barely played live as of late (the album marks one of their only shows since their second album Transit Transit), the trio is on fire here.  While Eugene Goreshter and Greg Edwards are their predictably irreplaceable selves, its singer/drummer Carla Azar who really impresses here as her sultry vocals benefit from an accentuated snarl on this collection.  The overall mix of the album is the perfect blend of raw and clear; with songs like “Plantlife” and “Reappearing” showcasing just how much of a rock band Autolux can be.

For a band that will probably never be accused of being prolific, Live at Third Man is an unexpected treat; a fantastic second offering in the same calendar year from a band that, despite nearing fifteen years into their career, sounds like they are just getting started.

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Autolux - Live at Third Man Records - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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