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God Damn - Everything Ever

by Nathan Fidler Rating:6 Release Date:2016-09-23

Going just slightly heavier than the mainstream rock allows is always a slightly less successful road for bands, but at least you know they’re doing what they like to do. God Damn offer up their British rock on third album Everything Ever, tying together 70s heavy rock with the grunge of the 90s.

It must be a hopeful sight for bands like God Damn to see Royal Blood kicking arse without compromising, and God Damn share the whole heavy-duo thing. ‘Sing This’ will appeal to that same crowd, with bustling and buzzing guitars looping over driving bass drum.

The influence of the band however must lie across decades, from the 70s heavy rock made famous initially in Britain, to the reinterpreted vision devastating guitars of grunge in the 90s. The result is a slightly strange mixture, but less intriguing than it sounds. It’s almost like QOTSA or Them Crooked Vultures took their music and decided to make it less sexier and slick.

‘I’ll Bury You’ has Thom Edward doing his best Homme impression, before swirling into a Nirvana inspired chorus. And while tracks such as this and ‘Failure’ point towards a band with both talent and the right direction, there are even more songs which appear to be a shot for that strange ditch at the side of "middle of the road".

It’s not that the band lacks imagination, it’s that they either remind you of so many other bands (but doing a worse impression), or they don’t quite hit what they were going for. ‘Six Wires’ is a brilliant example of this, with a wiry riff and a decent verse only losing you before the song is even halfway done. 

There is plenty of bombastic music to throw yourself around to, but it never sticks long in the memory. A huge market is there to be had for a band who can match the kind of heavy rock which appeals to the masses, with something a little more unique. It’s a hole God Damn could fill, but not quite this time around - ones to watch though.

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