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Psychic TV - Alienist

by Rob Jones Rating:8 Release Date:2016-09-16

Psychic TV and Alienist  weds a quartet of rock meets robot experiences. Band leader Genesis Breyer P-Orridge is the ultimate experimentalist and these credentials place this ever changing persona at the forefront of the industrial scene (amongst other arenas).

However, as the decades have been unleashed P-Orridge has continued to challenge the norms as both a performer, cultural entity and as a human being. To tread through the passages of the P-Orridge history would involve a lot more than a solitary article and further research will keep you busy for a long, long time!

Therefore, expect the extraordinary and never receive the ordinary. The opening track is a souped-up, variable from the canon of the late Harry Nilsson and Jump into the Fire stomps along with a 60’s psychedelic core coated with the technology that has since developed. Looking For You drops the pace but a metal masterpiece mantra comes across like the marriage of early Black Sabbath and New Dawn Fades Joy Division.

After two lengthy pieces the more instant hit of a cover via the 60’s style of The Creation and How Does it Feel offers a more traditional take on a pumped up pop potency. From there it is on to quality and quantity as the title piece Alienist has acid house crossing paths with guitar hooks to create dancefloor diligence with lyrics to put the audience on alert. ‘Alienist, psychologist, inside my head, inside my head, inside my brain, inside my mind’ and ‘it doesn’t matter, if you’re a hatter’ are amongst the word play variables. There is plenty going on but a top tune ensues and when required P-Orridge can create a catchy song with the 80’s Psychic TV epic Godstar deserving far more acclaim that it scored.

Genesis can break boundaries and be the ultimate alternative artist but he also has more mechanics that are not always utilised. P-Orridge states ‘When there is no example imagine it, when there is no word for it, invent one’.

Turn your dial to Psychic TV there is no comparable channel!

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