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Van Der Graaf Generator - Do Not Disturb

by Rob Jones Rating:1 Release Date:2016-09-30

Van der Graaf Generator and their Do not Disturb album should be a vinyl trial at 33rpm, 45 and 78 in order to get some entertainment out of a prog rock dirge. It is the 1971 season and musical exhibitionism plus the associated theatrics are kicking in! No wait a  moment! It is 2016 and this severely outdated pomp is weary and woeful!

Is this a concept project? No! It is more concrete! Is this still track one? No,  it is track three! How much more to go? Too much! Is there a change in the tempo? Yes, things can get a tad more lively but the coffin lid is still down! Where's that glittery cape and wizard helmet? It might just be time to give Roger Dean a knock?
Roll on 1972, there is a power strike! No, it is not the seventies! Sorry, well I'll be damned it's the old meets the older. What about an updated presentation of crash Generator? Hey! King Arthur on Ice Road Truckers sounds appropriate, where's Rick Wakeman?!? Could he make things even more pretentious? Who knows? Who cares?

It is half a dozen ostentatious elements in and we are now getting a sterile stomp on via (Oh no I must have Said) Yes and that title is the exact feelings about taking on this album. Musicianship heads in to a pseudo-Captain Beefheart jam but the professional playing prowess does not create anything of appeal!
This Brain Salad Surgery is full of mutated jazz-rock ramblings and there might be somebody somewhere who is up for this chronic sonic, but anybody who has a beating pulse may struggle. There you go, many moons have since passed but not for these merchants of meander. However, it is time to put those bell bottoms, tank tops and afghan coats back in the attic! This record can join those unkempt clothes and remember to leave a note with all of this junk and it should read Do not Disturb.

A vibrant tune is called for and, quick with it! There is a place for all musical genres and this example of the extinct has a home but some serious renovation needs to be applied or alternatively it is time for demolition!

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