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Hashish - A Product Of

by Mark Steele Rating:8 Release Date:2016-09-02

Just from the name alone on the album, A Product Of, by Stefan Kéry aka Hashish, it is pretty evident what type of music we will be exposed to here. A new dose of scandanavian psychedelia that deems to transport you to yesteryear, and if your mind has permitted to, a distant galaxy.

The session gets under way with beating rainfall sounds leading to some swirling synths on the intro 'Bliss', a familiar sound heard on many ambient psychedelic 90s dance tunes.
The following tune led in by a flangy funky bass riff,  and mixes a 70's jazz funk rhythm with a space exploration travelling synth chords, featuring later a totally warm Herbie Mann-style flute gliding across the layered instrumetal like a condor upon warm latin winds. Yeah man, it's vintage sounding tunage and gets even better when the velvety smooth vocals of Lisa Maria Issakson kick in. This is what French Electronica masters Air would be if they operated at higher heights. As Lisa suggests"Let's fly fly fly high and free". The funky drums and busy synth bass find a layered set of interweaving vibraphones and synths on 'The Light' to create a Jean Michel Jarre meets Air, remixed by say Fourtet in an engulfing and releasing cosmic canvas. See also the finale 'The Light Pt.2'.

The possibilty of an alien undiscovered frequency being decoded by SETI still seems a lifetime off, though if it were found, you would hope it may sound something like 'Revel', which must contain some sort of imbedded secret code for unveiling a further higher plane of existence. It is fair to say that if there ever was an intergalactic lounge music genre, then 'Outer Spaced' could very well be the sampler of it. Picture if you will a quirky stoner version of the Mars Attacks! soundtrack reinvented by 1970's group Space, it contains a funky bass, locked on drum loop, roaming synths and a haunting melody.

There is even a Trip-hop vibe not far from 90's artist Morcheeba here on 'Can You Make It', magnificent on the rhythmic arrangements. The highly intoxicating and truly climatic cosmic rapture contained on 'Miracles', sounds like a lost Donna Summer B-Side. Loosen your tie and kick off your heels to this rare sounding gem.

If Jamiroquai, Daft Punk, and Air had to hand over the creative controls to someone else in the realm of mind-altering Space-Funk, then it would seem that Hashish are amongst the most worthy recipients. Back in the day, you could obtain orchestrated theme vinyl albums featuring the huge inventiveness of soundtrack composers such as Geoff Love, Lalo Schifrin, and John Barry.  It now does seem that A Product Of, carries on this cleverly revived genre with their similarly minded compostions.

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