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Sneaks - Gymnastics

by Rob Taylor Rating:7 Release Date:2016-09-09

Originally released in 2015, Gymnastics by Sneaks (Eva Moolchan) is being reissued by Merge in September. Coming in at around 15 minutes for 10 tracks, Moolchan’s slightly facetious DIY post punk/minimal electro is backboned by bass guitar and a drum machine, with occasional flourishes of eastern sounding woodwind, beatbox, and what sounds like a vibraphone and a cowbell. 

Vocally, she’s in Miss Kittin’s court, musically she recalls a skeletonised ESG, that is, without the shouty histrionics but with all the funky bounce.

Undoubtedly Gymnastics will be celebrated for its simplicity and for Moolchan’s quick-witted satirical wordplay on songs such as ‘New Taste’ where she appears to take aim at the pointlessness of changing fads, or ‘This Is’ where she rightly condescends those who educate themselves by the daily news cycle. Make your mind up she says, educate yourself. Take some initiative for fucks sake. The descending bass chords suggest it’s a lost cause. 

On ‘No Problem’ the words are repeated with a degree of agitation, that ubiquitous saying now empty of all meaning, used mostly as an appeasing stopgap, and not indicative of the resolution of a problem at all. The cleverness of the song is that you have to make that reading, and maybe I’m wrong in my interpretation, but I like the way that Moolchan doesn’t prescribe or proscribe meanings.

15 minutes of idiosyncratic punk then. 


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