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Shit And Shine - Teardrops

by Steve Reynolds Rating:6 Release Date:2016-08-26

Shit and Shine aren’t your everyday artist.  A band they most definitely ain’t and with a less than radio friendly name I don’t suppose Craig Clouse (who is S & S) really does give two hoots. He is renown for producing records that are deliberately un-listenable at times, arrogantly noisy and downright acerbic. 

This is his 16th album and his sixth for Riot Season Records, called ‘Teardrops’ and with 12 tracks to go through you’ll want to be seriously strapped in so you can understand the unpredictability of what you are about to listen to.

Even the track titles are somewhat irritable, personified by track one ‘Schecter Omen Extreme 6’, a 90 second blast of screaming, white noise and 100 mile an hour drumming, more akin to a slice of grindcore and subversive death metal than anything else. ‘Krammer Baretta’ doesn’t fare any better, although longer in appearance it’s unsettling anger coupled with a lean and a host of belligerent drums leaves you gasping for oxygen.

There’s a comical piece of spoken word at the beginning of ‘Bc Rich Celtic Virgo’, it comes with the line “get ready for pure disco”.  Of course this is far removed from disco as you can possibly get. A rat’s belly of a track, it scurries around on the floor, wailing with cathartic noise and thrash metal like drums and guitar.  The alleged vocal could quite easily be the sound of someone being murdered, such is its unsettling and twitching nervousness.

The hardcore tones continue on the atonal nonsense which is 'Schecter Omen Extreme 6 Reverse’.  A match up combination of Napalm Death and Pantera – and that is all you need to know about this shard of white pummelling noise.

‘Jackson Warrior’ is one of the album’s longer songs.  At 3 and a half minutes it lurches back and forward whilst covered in a shail of darkness and black metal misanthropy.  ‘Hellraiser Solo 6’ is more doom like and the distinct lo fi recording and an incoherent grizzly vocal is a rather harrowing listen.

‘Ibanez Destroyer’ is the highlight of the 12 tracks here. At times Shit and Shine recall the early anger and industrial like sounds that made Therapy? so good back in the early 90s and crosses over with the battering harsh soundscapes of Health and Revolting Cocks as well.  Packed with a patchy radio conversation with the repeater line “you wanna painkiller?”

Not an album that is easy on the ears but if you’re looking to channel some anger here you could do a lot worse than letting ‘Teardrops’ pierce your eardrums.



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I've gotta hear it Steve. Close never ceases to amaze. 54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral was brilliant and there was a jazzy one that came after which I thought was pretty interesting. I like the uncompromising nature of it.

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I just found it too samey from start to finish Rob. It was pretty atonal and noisy. Don't get me wrong I am a fan of noise but there was no let up at all. It made my ears hurt.

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Well, now I've heard it, I feel like I've inadvertently sprinted into a steel girder in a thunderstorm, so yeah, you got that one right

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