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Apothek - Apothek

by Rob Jones Rating:2 Release Date:2016-09-30

PR companies can wax lyrical but the proof of the pudding is an impartial body assessing the goods. The promotional notes may meander between superlatives but the actual contents tell another story. Apothek and their self titled album is one such example of what the eyes see via the promotional blurb is a different kettle of fish to what the ears hear when the music is unleashed. This selection of songs are tiring and would not make the grade as early Coldplay B-sides (and, that is laying credit to Chris Martin and company which is a challenge in itself). The Apothek duo come from Norway but remove the 'r' from the name of their nation and that sums up the chances of obtaining pleasure levels from this nine track bore i.e.  No way!

Once can imagine a musically inept character with a cream Aaron jumper, green corduroy  trousers and a pair of brown brogues slipping this on to their expensive surround sound system. However, along with those Celine Dion, M People and Enya albums it just equates to the planned and bland that does not offer one iota of danger, experimentation or menace.

Sounds can be chilled and still offer fresh fare, there are a long line of aural achievements in that arena. Wondrous works such as Zero 7's Simple Things, Massive Attack's Blue Lines or Air's Moon Safari amongst many others are awash with mesmerising mood music and sensational silky songs. Apothek are advised to channel their playing prowess in to the field of building beats. Therefore, it is back to the drawing board for these Scandinavian sonic scientists.  

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