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Black Surf - Let's Pretend It's Summer

by Nathan Fidler Rating:6 Release Date:2016-08-26

Upon hearing Black Surf’s debut EP Let’s Pretend It’s Summer, you’d imagine them as beach-dwelling Californians - or at least a group based stateside. But no, Leeds. Leeds is where they hail from. Such is the power of rock, particularly the melodic, slacker rock which Weezer rode to fame with.

It’d be hard to review this EP without mentioning Weezer. It’s so painfully obvious that this is their main influence that it takes away from the four great tracks somewhat. ‘Sink’ and ‘Bastard Man’ takes the uplifting melodies, but mixes in the downtrodden slacker sound, even borrowing some of the terminology of early Weezer albums.

Surly guitars and sunshine vocals telling lovelorn tales, it’s great for anyone stuck in that endless discussion of why Weezer haven’t hit their previous heights. ‘Get Up’ on the other hand sounds a lot more like a British rock band, trying to cajole a depressed friend into moving on with their life. When that American twang is gone, the band remain just as good at what they do, leaving you confused as to which part of what they’re doing you like the most. 

So it’s not really a case of lambasting this group, but they do need to pick up some of their own phrasings. A full album would really see them nailing their colours to the mast, so it’s with great interest we await their full debut.

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