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Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - Arañas en La Sombra

by Nathan Fidler Rating:7 Release Date:2016-08-26

What have we had from Omar so far then? Well, it’s been a pretty mixed bag, an eclectic mix of songs collected up over recent years, peppered with cameos from friends and bandmates. Aranas En La Sombra is the fourth of this ‘twelve albums in six months’ series and contains some of the oldest material.

That last part needs repeating: this is his oldest material from this series. Immediately your hopes should be raised, as Omar’s best work has come as part of The Mars Volta. Lo and behold then, there are sessions with some of the former bandmates here and you can sense the step up in quality.

Ignoring the awful animal screeches of the opening track, there is very much a TMV feel to all of these tracks, not least because of all the Spanish lyrics. Where the drums are solid, ‘Extravagants Dientes’ for example, the guitars and everything else are kept much more in line than previous albums in the series.

‘Arcos Del Amor’ and ‘El Vacio’ are two barnstorming opening tracks, the latter showing a typical tight prog-style, married with a heavy-but-melodic chorus. The word are a mystery of course, unless you speak Spanish, but that doesn’t seem to dampen the spirits quite as much as you’d think.

Having had a “six albums in six months” and collaborating on an album of guitar instrumentals with Omar years ago, John Frusciante could be pinned as one his influences. He appears here on ‘Metamorfosis’ with a guitar solo (a rare treat since his foray into acid house music), it’s the perfect slow, semi-instrumental track despite being a little rough around the edges.

Everything about this album smacks of a more lucrative creative streak, one he did well to mine at the time and which will no doubt play well for fans now. This still sounds, like all the other albums, like a bunch of off-cuts and forgotten tracks.

While this isn’t anything like vintage Mars Volta, it seems like a frontrunner for the most cohesive sound and, indeed, as the best of the bunch. Well, at least it is so far.


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