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LNZNDRF - Green Roses

by D R Pautsch Rating:5 Release Date:2016-08-05

Twelve Inch singles, for most people, bring back memories of the 80's.  Now largely defunct they were a huge industry in themselves in their heyday.  Some singles gained more sales by their 12 inch version than the standard 7 inch.  Perhaps with the ever publicised but largely slow growing revival of vinyl the 12 inch is set to make a comeback.  LNZNDRF follow their recent album with a 12 inch version of Green Roses and perhaps the eighties are more than just a coincidence here as New Order are just one of the many acts of that era that you could namecheck.

Starting like a morse code machine on speed, Green Roses hits early with its vocal and bass delivery backed by horns to give a throwback 80's club moment.  Its a groove laden track that lasts 11 minutes and just keeps on going. Its almost a pastiche of the great 12 inch moments of 80's clubland but it still has enough to endear itself.  

That's unlike the second half of this 12 inch, Salida. At 14 minutes it outstays its welcome as soon as it starts and pitches in with keyboard effects that sound like an 80's hand held computer game.  It's a track that starts nowhere, goes nowhere, but takes a hell of a long time to do that.  Indulgent.

LNZNDRF is basically a side project for the other brothers in The National and one part of Beirut.  Green Roses promises much more from them and makes you wish that they would give this side project a bit more air.  Salida makes you want them to return to their standard mode and quickly.


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