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Slow Club - One Day All Of This Won't Matter Anymore

by Jim Harris Rating:6 Release Date:2016-08-19

Slow Club is now five albums into their career as a band and the same issue still exists.  Why doesn’t the guy just sing backup and let the girl sing lead? Well, that’s my thoughts right out of the Slow Club box anyway.

Their new album, One Day All Of This Won't Matter Anymore, has the same two people, Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor, and while they have inexorably eased their bright, folky sound into a more lush, soulful sound, in the ten years they have been recording, it still has the band lacking somewhat in a cohesive vision of what their sound should be, and this has to do with the splitting of the lead singing duties.

The contrast between Watson singing versus Taylor singing reminds me of the new Meryl Streep movie about the life of Florence Foster Jenkins, the lady who really thought she could sing and simply couldn’t.  Not that Charles Watson can’t sing, it’s just Ms. Taylor adds such range and emotional power to the lead singing role the songs transcend the lounge act delivery when he sings.  This is very evident with the odd, opening two tracks, that have such a 70s, hippy Americana pace to them I almost flicked through and then ‘In Waves’ follows and finally they are the band they should be.  With Rebecca’s rich and complementary voice.

Regardless, even with the right vocalist, Slow Club doesn’t exactly set your headphones on fire.  It reminds me of several thousand hipster bands clogging upscale pizza and cigar bars in New York City, but there is simply more spark when Rebecca is singing.  The soulfulness they aspire to reaches a nice peak on ‘Give Me Some Peace’, again, with Rebecca singing.  And if there were a few more tracks like the final ‘Let The Blade Do The Work’, which almost reaches the heights of any number of Mojave 3 songs where Neil Halstead can pull off a song over the lovely voiced Rachel Goswell, then Slow Club might be on to something.

But then one day all of this won’t matter anymore and perhaps Slow Club will put all their quiet pieces together for a more sustained and powerful musical effort.


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