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Dodge Meteor - Dodge Meteor

by Steve Reynolds Rating:10 Release Date:2016-08-19

Mike Vest is a pretty busy bloke. He’s had more musical incarnations than I’ve had pairs of shoes.  Not content with laying waste to playing in Bong, Blown Out, Lobster Priest, 11Paranoias, Haikai No Ku and Drunk In Hell he’s set up another band in Dodge Meteor. A foot to the floor, volume up to 11 hard post-rock / psych rock outfit.  It’s only him on bass and guitar with drums by Matteo Dainese.

This is a cassette only release on the Swap Meat label which is the sister label of riot season, home to Workin’ Man Noise Unit and Khunnt.

From the opening bars of lead track ‘Gravitational Pull’ you know you’re about to go on a rollercoaster of heavy, dark rock power.  It starts off like a whirlwind, a maelstrom of balls out muscular show of strength and coupled with a strong metal based pedigree Vest is more than ample enough to flex his vulgar display of power.  ‘Slipstream’ is much slicker and quicker than its predecessor, the taut guitar riffs bend and stretch to their absolute maximum and Dainese’s incessant and soaring drum patterns hold the whole lot together.

‘My Own Hydrogen’ keeps the tension high and the sheer aggression is exorable at times, whilst remaining hugely engaging.  It’s a simple formula but a formula that is laced with hook after hook. ‘Energy Bill’ is probably the least intense track on the album and whilst it’s much more lenient than its albums compatriots it still wigs out like a bull in a china shop.

‘High Mind’ broods like the moodiest bastard that you know, and I mean proper moody.  It’s chock full of slow burning layered guitar with a Hendrix like solo sitting in the background, nagging away throughout the five minutes of the track.

‘100% Insectoid’ closes out side two and its sneaky, gun like repetition knocks you to your knees.  Its laser guided intensity is no fluke and as a finale it a jolly good sortie to a properly excellent album.

If Mogwai were slipped a length by Loop and bitch slapped by Mclusky’s misanthropy then you’ve arrived at Dodge Meteor HQ.  Bruising, anarchic and utterly addictive listening.

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