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The Others - The Others

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Having developed a rabid fanbase by the simple, old-fashioned gimmick of relentless gigging, the eponymous debut album from The Others comes with no small amount of anticipation. Embraced by some for their approachability (how many other bands are on a first name basis with most of their fans?), while reviled by others for being mere Libertines rip-offs, that the Others possess both energy and spirit is undeniable. Based on the 12 tracks on The Others, this four piece see themselves as embracing the spirit of the underground (and in a very literal sense – they've played gigs on London's Tube), and their ethos owes much to the punk rock scene. Singer Dominic Masters, at his best, sounds like early Iggy Pop, while their music veers between the chugging guitars of the Strokes ("William") and the frenetic rhythm of the Pixies ("In the Background"). And if some of the songs seem a bit too obvious – like the anthemic "This Is for the Poor" and the drugs tale "How I Nearly Lost You" – it's pretty much forgiven by their overall exuberance and charisma. The Others have produced a promising debut. --Robert Burrow

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