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The debut album of Field Music (formed by original Futureheads drummer Peter Brewis, along with his brother David and Andrew Moore) was a charmingly eclectic affair, a mix of stylized vocal harmonies, imaginative instrumentation and a beguiling prettiness unmatched by most current post-indie-pop troubadours. Write Your Own History is not a sequel as much as a retrospective trajectory of their slightly dotty guitar pop. Collecting together b-sides and unreleased tracks that often have more in common with Field Music’s previous bands Electronic Eye Music and the New Tellers, we get a general idea of how their offbeat sound developed. Songs such as "Breakfast Song", "Feeding The Birds" and "Trying To Sit Out" are all older songs recorded by Peter (his first attempts at arranging for a string trio); ‘I’m Tired’ and ‘Test Your Reaction’ are reworkings of songs previously released on EPs and mini-albums. Some songs - ‘Alternating Current’ for example – even predate the New Tellers, but were re-recorded and released under the Field Music name at a later date. Whatever, almost all the songs here are great examples of Field Music’s inventive song-writing; and for those of us that love a good, quirky tune, that can only be a good thing. --Paul Sullivan

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