TV on the Radio - Return To Cookie Mountain

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It's not unusual for New York bands to take their inspiration from the UK, but TV On The Radio must be one of the few to draw from the artsier side of the British music. Which is why their second album, Return to Cookie Mountain, sounds like something that could have been produced by Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, or David Bowie--and, at its best, all three at the same time. And if there's any doubt as to TOTR's authenticity, then look no further than "Province", which features vocals from Mr Bowie himself. But really, Return to Cookie Mountain doesn't need the validation (though it's nice to have). Yes, it's a slightly wierd album, and probably not to everyone's taste with its feedback-heavy guitars, frenetic and syncopated drums, washes of synths and the eerie vocals of Kyp Malone and Tunde Adebimpe. But from the opener "I Was a Lover", Return to Cookie Mountain is an album that's rich, rewarding and atmospheric. And lest it all seem a bit too pretentious, there are actual tunes here as well: "Wolf Like Me", for example, is a catchy pop song lurking behind all the feedback. Return to Cookie Mountain may not be easy listening, but it is an album well worth listening to. --Ted Kord

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