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The Rapture - Pieces of the People We Love

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For their second album, Pieces of the People We Love, the Rapture once again prove that nobody does British dance-rock better than these four young men from Brooklyn. If anything, Pieces... takes their disco-punk hybrid even farther than their 2003 debut, Echoes, with tracks like "Don Gon Do It" and "First Gear" sounding like a cheekier and more cheerful Primal Scream. The Rapture have a reputation as a great live band, and this album was recorded during breaks in their touring schedule--as a result, Pieces... doesn't have the same coherence as their last album. But in no way is this a criticism. Instead, their second album seems to be separated into different themes. And so, the title track and "The Devil" sound like the later (and better-produced) New Wave songs of the 1980s, while first single "Get Myself Into It" and "Whoo! Alright - Yeah... Uh-huh" are shameless electro / disco tracks. Most surprisingly, however, are two of the songs tucked towards the end of the album: "Down for So Long" has a long, slow build-up into a song that could have come off of U2's Achtung Baby or even Zooropa, and this segues perfectly into the Edge-like guitar intro of "The Sound". It's a bold move for a hip, young band, and it suggests that stadium greatness is just in reach for the Rapture. --Ted Kord

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