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Peaches - Impeach My Bush

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Fret not, fans of filth, who worry Impeach My Bush will see saucy Canadian electro-punk Merrill Nisker shelving the politics of the bedroom and embracing political activism--a quick spin of self-explanatory tracks like "Two Guys (For Every Girl)" should quickly confirm the third Peaches full-length is just as foul-mouthed, depraved, and all-round sluttish as its predecessors. Further good news, however, comes with the realisation this is by some length the best Peaches album to date. The beats, in particular, are noticeably improved without losing that all-important gritty quality, particularly "Tent In Your Pants" and "Downtown" - a pair of tracks written with one Greg Kurstin, perhaps better known for his work with No Doubt pop queen Gwen Stefani. But there"s further collaborations, too. "Give 'er"--roughly speaking, the sound of PJ Harvey brawling with New York synth punks Suicide in a New York alleyway--features choppy riffing courtesy of Queens Of The Stone Age's Josh Homme, while album stand-out "You Love It" boasts backing vocals and guitar from punk queen Joan Jett. Midway through "Slippery Dick" ("Toss freaker/Floss tweaker/Sauce leaker/Moss shrieker") you can't help but wonder how much mileage there is in talking dirty. Taken as a whole, though, Impeach My Bush is proof Peaches is still far from spent. --Louis Pattison

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Peaches - Impeach My Bush - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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