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Erase Errata - Nightlife

by Rich Morris Rating: Release Date:

Three albums into their Slits-meets-total-headfuck odyssey, Erase Errata found themselves lacking a guitar player, which is pretty serious for a band known for gleefully piling on the fuzz'n'feedback. Did they call it quits? Did they Tampax, fool! Nightlife was the most complete album they had yet released; as abrasive and vitriolic as any previous work (witness the massive freak-out midway through electrifying opener 'Cruising', or the raging ire of 'Another Genius Idea from Our Government'), yet its unrelenting propulsion and newfound, almost funky nature meant many of the tracks could be played at your local indie night without the clientele scurrying to the toilets to jam loo roll into their bleeding ear holes. 'Tax Dollar' even features a spot of whistling. Progress, of a sort.

Best tracks: 'Cruising', 'Tax Dollar', 'Another Genius Idea from Our Government'

Richard Morris

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