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Lindstrøm - Little Drummer Boy

by Rich Morris Rating:7 Release Date:2009-12-14

The Norwegian cosmic disco titan's 43 minute reworking of this Christmas standard is disconcerting to be sure, but it can't lay claim to being the weirdest version ever; that dubious honour goes to Bing Crosby and David Bowie's fearless medley of Little Drummer Boy and Peace on Earth from Bing's 1977 Christmas Special. The uncanny wrongness of their voices together, each managing to puncture the majesty of the other, never fails to astound.

But back to Lindstrøm. This is fantastic, like Wendy Carlos or even Kraftwerk if they'd decided to grab a bit of the Christmas hit action after Autobahn. You have to wait through more than eight minutes of crashing synth waves, stilted snare cracks and burbling effects until the original song's melody emerges, but if you have a place in your heart for quasi-futuristic dreamscapes which conjure glorious images of mechanical Santas scything through the snow-flecked sky in their tinselly spacepods… Well then, congratulations, this is your yuletide anthem. Peace on Earth, and goodwill to all Numen.

Richard Morris

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